'Compendium' has been a musical journey with many interesting forks in the road. There really wasn't a set time frame for creating this album; it simply reached a point when I thought that the songs should emerge and make their way into the world.


Also making their way into parts of the world are electric cars. In 2012 it was a thrill for me to see several of them parked by the River Seine, during a visit to Paris. In London, just a few days earlier, I saw an electric commercial delivery vehicle. To quote Andromeda 2085 , "They're here." I do, however, concede that it depends on where you are.

It is appropriate that I thank some people for their support with 'Compendium'. Firstly, Phyl for her unwavering belief in these songs. Hats off to Greg Young for going the distance on this album, he's a remarkable musician, certainly. Many thanks to Lois for the 'Electric Cars' music video; she's a fine filmmaker. To Ricardo Parada and Felipé Palau, eternal gratitude for assisting me to venture into the Spanish language. I also appreciate Lilie and Ade Russell making their Havana photographs available. Additionally, thanks to Peter Loch and Dave Neil, for their technical contributions.

I'd also like to pay tribute to the late Mick Hadley for his vocal performance on the song 'Happy Birthday Darlin''. He passed away in late 2012 and will certainly be missed by Blues Music aficionados across Australia.


Vic Bailey

September 2013